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Gliffy is a collaborative web-based diagram editor that can be used to create mind maps and other visual organizations of information such as; flow charts, org charts, schematic drawings, floor plans, technical drawings, and more.   Gliffy   Keywords: Collaboration, Productivity Tools, Visual Design


Remind App

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The Remind app is a great way to communicate with higher education students. Students do not need to download this app to use it. Instructors can send text messages to their students without having to see anyone's phone numbers. You can set up classes in Remind and students can enroll from a mobile device or computer. It allows for instant communication, that can be two-way. This communication tool helps teachers reach students where they are, anytime.   Remind   Keywords: chat, text


Web2Access (Disabilities and Tests)

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Web2Access is a resource that aims to help those making decisions about their use of freely available 'Web 2.0' interactive and collaborate e-learning tools. The website provides rankings based on its accessibility.   Web2Access   Web2Access (Disabilities and Tests) - tests the accessibility of Web 2.0 tools based on different disabilities. Using the results, they then rank the tools from most accessible to least accessible based on that specific disability being tested. Keywords: Accessibility, Websites