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WordPress is an open-source blogging and a website creation platform. WordPress (often referred to as WP) is very widely used and makes up about 30% of all published websites

There is a subtle but important difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

WordPress.org gives lots of freedom, but you need a self-hosted platform to deliver your site. This involves additional steps to set up a server and install the WordPress software or payment for a hosting service.

WordPress.com allows free pages that are hosted directly on the WordPress.com site.

Both versions of WordPress are user-friendly but some of the advanced themes are not an option that is available on WordPress.com. This is only available when you have your own server space to install your own version of WordPress. Themes and plugins are similar to webpage templates and provide advanced functionality for WordPress websites.


WordPress.com and WordPress.org


Beginner’s Guide for WordPress – How to Start a WordPress – WPBeginner provides users with help and support when it comes to beginning their first WordPress blog and developing it further.

The State of WordPress in Education – A short webpage that outlines the reasons why WordPress is an effective fit within an educational atmosphere.

This page shows some of the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

How to Create a Website (Step-by-Step Guide) – Free resources and tutorials to help you build, customize, and grow your website or blog.


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