Shawn Jordison

Shawn Jordison’s YouTube Playlists of Accessibility Tutorials

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These introductory accessibility courses will take you to the next level, even if you are a beginner. Learn the basics of file remediation for PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and other tools.

The YouTube video playlists show how to make files accessible. The playlist that teaches about PowerPoint cover topics such as Slide titles, using a theme, tables, links, alternate text, reading order, and other accessibility elements.

The playlists are freely available through YouTube,  however, viewers are also encouraged to access to optional practice documents available through an add-on purchase. 

Info about Shawn Jordison’s accessibility courses are available on his website and his YouTube channel linked to below provides direct access to a number of video playlists.


Shawn Jordison’s YouTube Playlists of Accessibility Tutorials