Acclaim by Credly

Credly’s Acclaim Platform

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Credly’s Acclaim platform is one of many digital badge platforms that can be used to design and award custom badges. Acclaim by Credly badges can be displayed on personal ePortfolios, social media sites (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), on websites, and in your Acclaim by Credly profile. Credly’s Acclaim platform is the badging system that SUNY and #EmTechMOOC use to issue our badges. Learn more about badges and how they are used within #EmTechMOOC.

After earning #EmTechMOOC digital badges, you can access additional instructions, including the video tutorial below, about how to claim your issued badges and how to share them in your ePortfolio and on your social media networks.

* Note – Credly recently acquired the Acclaim platform. They are consolidating their networks into one unified platform that is now referred to as Acclaim by Credly. After June 30, 2020 the free version of Credly will no longer be available and anyone wishing to issue Credly Acclaim badges will need a paid account. There are no costs to badge earners for accepting badges issued through their platform.


Credly’s Acclaim Platform



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