Invitation to Become an EmTech Fellow

Anyone who completes #EmTechMOOC is invited to become a Fellow!

It is important for EmTech participants to have robust support to build and sustain an effective learning community. The role of a Fellow involves making comments in the Discussion Forums and in the #EmTechMOOC social media channels to mentor and nurture the community. Fellows are encouraged to ask questions, make connections, and suggest additional technologies for further exploration.

Fellows who reply to at least 1 post in each module with supportive and encouraging comments will receive an EmTech Fellow Badge. Being an #EmTechMOOC Fellow is not a very intensive commitment. Of course, you are welcome to continue to serve as a Fellow as long as you are able to. After providing supportive comments to one person in each module, you may claim your Fellow Badge using this form.

As an EmTech Fellow, you will be enrolled in the “Coursera Online Community Leadership” course. You will receive an email from Coursera when your enrollment has been processed. This course will help you learn what it takes to be a good mentor and how to support fellow learners. You will learn how to be a helpful community member, how to encourage discussion, and specific guidance about how to use the tools in Coursera that are available to you. The sections about mentoring will be most useful. Completing the “Coursera Online Community Leadership” course is optional, although we highly encourage you to do so. A certificate is not issued but you can save the notification you receive when you complete the course.

EmTech Fellows are able to:

  • Moderate & participate in EmTech discussion forums and social media
  • Participate in a private discussion forum just for Fellows/Mentors
  • View and share input on peer-review assignments
  • Participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) activities along with the EmTech Team

The #EmTechMOOC Leadership Team is also available to provide Fellows with help in making the most of their Fellowship opportunity. Contact us at if you are interested in becoming an EmTech Fellow.

~ Robin & Cherie

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Cherie van Putten  |  Instructional Designer  |  Binghamton University  |

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