EmTech needs your help!

Here are some ways you can help us grow the EmTech learning community. 

  1. Share info about EmTech with college students, faculty, and anyone from across the globe who has an interest to keep pace with technology change. 
  2. Contributors are needed to grow the EmTechWIKI collection. We have a collection of tools and resources that need to be added to the wiki. The current resources can also be improved by adding useful tutorials and additional insights.
  3. EmTech needs Mentors! It takes a lot of effort to support and nurture a community. A Mentor’s role is to help learners understand what is expected in EmTech, connect learners to relevant tools, and help encourage deeper learning within the EmTech community.
  4. Researchers are needed to help us make sense of the vast amounts of data that we have collected through EmTech and from other initiatives that EmTech is modeled after. This data will help tell the story about EmTech’s successes and help us to continually improve this learning opportunity for others.
  5. We are seeking grant writers and help to develop crowdfunding campaigns to sustain and improve the project for future learners and share project outcomes. 
  6. Programmers, developers, and designers are needed to continue to improve EmTech. This includes, but is not limited to, continued accessibility testing and reporting of the EmTechWIKI collection of resources.

We are actively seeking individual, institutional, and corporate partners to help improve this valuable learning opportunity. Together we can determine how to assist learners worldwide to understand the value and implications of emerging technologies for personal and professional growth.

Any partners, collaborators, and anyone who is interested to get involved are highly encouraged to contact the #EmTechMOOC Team at emtechmooc@gmail.com.

Call for Partnerships: Expanding EmTech’s Digital Literacy Influence.


If you can offer your help in any way, email us at emtechmooc@gmail.com