Discovery Exercises

The Discovery Exercises help you learn about ways to use freely available online emerging technologies to enhance 21st-century skills including, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The exercises are designed to be used together with the Coursera #EmTechMOOC, and they are also able to be used as stand-alone activities.

Instructors – Explore freely-available tools to build learning activities in your courses.
Students – Explore technology resources to support your learning.
Everyone from across the globe – is welcome to participate to expand their knowledge!

Explore and discover tools and resources in EmTechWIKI to complete exercises.


Blogs and Wikis

Collaborative Spaces

Digital Literacy/Fluency


Mobile Apps

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Photos and Images


Productivity Tools

Resource Libraries


Social Media


Discovery Exercise Video Playlist

Watch the complete playlist of videos from Discovery Exercises (28 files with each video being approximately 2-4 minutes long).