How to Contribute to EmTechWIKI

Contribute to EmTechWIKI

EmTechWIKI is a collection of freely available emerging technology tools, tutorials, and resources.

EmTechWiki needs your help to stay current and accurately represent the vast amount of emerging technologies that are available!


EmTechMOOC Contributor BadgeEmTech Contributor Badges can be earned by anyone who adds a new resource, whether or not they are enrolled in #EmTechMOOC in Coursera.
Submit this form after you contribute a resource to EmTechWIKI to Request your Contributor Badge!
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Get Started

To add or edit resources, you need to create an EmTechWIKI account, which is a separate account from the one used to log in to #EmTechMOOC in Coursera. The EmTechWIKI account is created using WordPress, the website development platform that this website uses. To create an EmTechWIKI account, click Log In under the Contribute menu and follow the prompts.

Note: All additions and modifications need to be approved before they appear in the live WIKI. A member of the EmTech Leadership Team will manually approve and publish your new content. In rare cases, we may also choose to not publish an entry if it is not within the scope of the EmTech project or if the tool/resource is not available as a free resource.

Add a New Tool or Resource

Before adding new resources, it is a good idea to search EmTechWIKI to be sure the resource you wish to add does not already exist. If it does exist, select Modify a Tool or Resource to edit the current entry.

  1. Under the Contribute menu, click Add a Tool to add a new tool/resource to EmTechWIKI.
  2. On the Add a New Resource page, add a title and brief description.
  3. Include any necessary links to the tool or resource.
  4. Also consider adding supporting links, such as relevant tutorials about how to apply or use the tool/resource.
  5. Then, on the right side of the page, select appropriate Objectives and Categories.
  6. If additional Keywords would be helpful to locate the item in a search, type Keywords: at the bottom of the entry and follow this with the keywords or short phrases separated by commas.
  7. Click the Submit for Review button to save your work.
  8. The EmTech Team will then review your submission. We will also upload an image file (most likely a logo) to serve as the Featured Image for the item. Your changes will be approved and published within a few days.
  9. Your last step is to complete this form to claim your optional EmTechWIKI Contributor Badge.


Watch this video to learn how to add or modify a tool or resource to EmTechWIKI.


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