EmTechWIKI Instructions

Find Tools and Resources

  1. To find tools and resources on this wiki, go to the Discover menu and click Search.
  2. Select your module from the tabs (default is Lifelong Learning). All the tools for that module will display.
  3. To narrow your search, choose from the items on the left side of the page. Only the top 3 options will display. Click Load More at the bottom of the list to show more options.

You may also use the Search field to search the entire site.

Watch this video to learn about searching EmTechWIKI.

Contribute to EmTechWIKI

EmTechWiki needs your help to stay on top of Emerging Technologies!

When you find a new technology that is not yet in the wiki, or if you wish to modify or improve on information about an item in the wiki, follow these instructions.

Get Started

In order to add or modify tools and resources, click the Log In menu item located in the top right of this page and create an account. Once you have an account log in and follow the steps below.

Note: All additions and modifications need to be approved before they appear in the live wiki. A member of the EmTechWIKI Leadership Team will manually approve and publish your new content.

Add a Tool or Resource

  1. Under the Contribute menu, click Add a Tool to add a new tool/resource to EmTechWIKI.
  2. In the Add a New Resource page, add a title and brief description with any necessary links.
  3. On the right side of the page, select appropriate items from Modules, Objectives, Categories, and Keywords/Tags.
  4. Also, upload an image file (most likely a logo) as a Featured Image.
  5. Finally, click the Publish button to save your work.
    (Your changes will be approved/published by the EmTechWIKI Leadership Team within a few days.)

Modify a Tool or Resource

  1. On the Contribute menu, click Modify a Tool.
  2. In the Resources page, navigate to the tool resource you would like to modify. (You may use the Search Resources field at the top of the page.)
  3. Hover your cursor over the Title and click Edit.
  4. Make your changes to the material listed.
  5. Click the Update button to save your work.
    (Your changes will be approved/published by the EmTechWIKI Leadership Team within a few days.)

Watch this video to learn how to add or modify a tool or resource to EmTechWIKI.


Additional Resources: