Discovery Exercise – Photos and Images

Using photos and images helps bring topics to life, you may find that it increases your engagement in the class as well. Watch the following video or you may optionally read the transcript.

Discovery Exercise

  1. Go to #EmTechWIKI Discover page and select a 21st-century skill.
  2. Select an Objective that you would like to achieve.
  3. Choose Photos and Images from the Category menu.
  4. Select a tool or resource you would like to explore.
  5. Then, choose one of the options below.

Option 1: Add a Photo to your ePortfolio

  • Embed or link your photo album, collage, or slideshow as an artifact in your ePortfolio.
  • Upload a photo that you have taken that represents a personal interest or highlights an aspect of your career to your ePortfolio.
  • Reflect on what you have learned through your exploration of photo sharing. Do you already share your photographs, and if so, how? What did you know prior to your involvement in #EmTechMOOC? How could you potentially use photos and images within class assignments and activities? Can you see photo sharing being used in your community and if so, how?
  • Embed your photo into your ePortfolio.

Option 2: Upload and Share Images as a Photo Album, Collection, or Slideshow

  • Use a digital camera or your phone to capture a few images that relate to your interests or your life. You may also use images you have taken in the past.
  • Upload these images to an album, or another type of collection such as a collage or slideshow, depending on the tool you choose.
  • Reflect on how this kind of tool might impact your life (e.g., school, work, etc.). Were there advantages or disadvantages to the tool? Can you see yourself using this tool again, and if so, how?
  • Embed the item you created in your ePortfolio.

If you are enrolled in the MOOC, return to the #EmTechMOOC Coursera Discussion Forum to complete the Module you are working on.