Discovery Exercise – Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER), are free and openly licensed educational materials. They include vetted, scholarly, and multimedia-rich educational resources from a wide array of disciplines that cost nothing other than proper attribution. Watch the following video or you may optionally read the transcript.


Discovery Exercise

  1. Go to #EmTechWIKI Discover page and select a 21st-century skill.
  2. Select an Objective that you would like to achieve.
  3. Choose Open Educational Resources (OER) from the Category menu.
  4. Select a tool or resource you would like to explore.
  5. Then, choose one of the options below.

Option 1: Explore an OER Created by Others

  • Find an OER learning object (book, chapter, website, etc.) and reflect on what others have done using the specific resource.
  • Was it already reviewed or rated?
  • Did you agree with the reviews or rating?
  • How would you use the OER in your life (e.g., school, work, etc.)?
  • Did your discovery prompt you to think of an OER that you might create?
  • Add a reflection to your ePortfolio.
  • Include a link to the example you have reviewed in your ePortfolio.

Option 2: Create OER Content

  • Choose a subject area of your choice that you would like to create as OER content. You do not have to design an entire work. Just start small and develop small segments of content. Using the tool that you selected, create your own Open Education Resource, showcasing what you have learned.
  • Share your creation through an OER repository. What kind of resource did you create? What type of Creative Commons licensing is applied and why?
  • Add a reflection to your ePortfolio and include a copy of the OER resource that you created.
  • Embed the item you created in your ePortfolio.

If you are enrolled in the MOOC, return to the #EmTechMOOC Coursera Discussion Forum to complete the Module you are working on.