Build Your Own ePortfolio

Self Reflection

A purposeful digital collection to showcase skills and share ideas.

ePortfolios are powerful tools to share accomplishments and achievements. The main component of an ePortfolio often includes self-reflections relating to the learning and discovery process. An ePortfolio is simply a website that allows you to actively develop, showcase, and share both your individual and collaborative works and also serves as a digital archive of your work.

Enroll in #EmTechMOOC in Coursera to build and create your own ePortfolio. As you work through the Discussion Forum activities in Coursera you will be guided back to the Discovery Exercises in EmTechWIKI. All of the Discovery Exercises result in an artifact to display within your ePortfolio. An artifact just means an “example of your work.” Artifacts serve as digital evidence of your progress, experience, achievements, and learning. Participating in an ePortfolio peer-review activity is the culminating activity in the final module in #EmTechMOOC. The peer-review activity instructions are located in the final module within Coursera.

Use the resources in EmTechWIKI Discover under the “ePortfolio” Category to learn more about ePortfolios and to locate resources to help you build your ePortfolio.

Use Digication for your MOOC ePortfolio

As part of the course, Digication is provided free to MOOC participants. A form to request a free Digication account is available #EmTechMOOC in Module 1 in Coursera. You may alternatively choose to use any other ePortfolio tool. Digication currently supports a Classic and a New version of their software.

Digication Tutorials
Help about using both Classic and New Digication platforms is available on the EmTechWIKI Digication description page. Here you can learn more about Digication, including how to use the “optional” template created for #EmtechMOOC and the importance of publishing and adjusting your permission settings.

Or use an Alternate ePortfolio Platform for your MOOC ePortfolio

Perhaps you already have a system that you would like to use to create your ePortfolio or you attend school or work at an institution that uses another platform. If your institution, or place of employment, has its own access to an ePortfolio platform, it is strongly recommended you make use of it. Not only will you develop more directly applicable skills, but you will have more direct access to the technical support provided. If you are using an alternative ePortfolio tool, make sure to consult the tool’s help documentation to ensure that your permissions are set correctly so that others are able to view your ePortfolio.