Discovery Exercise – Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative spaces are all about developing community. These tools create spaces to interact, exchange ideas, and connect. These tools can bring people together regardless of geographical location, age, race, gender, physical ability, or any of the other ways that we might differ or separate. Watch the following video or you may optionally read the transcript.

Discovery Exercise

  1. Go to #EmTechWIKI Discover page and select a 21st-century skill.
  2. Select an Objective that you would like to achieve.
  3. Choose Collaborative Spaces from the Category menu.
  4. Select a tool or resource you would like to explore.
  5. Then, choose one of the options below.

Option 1: Explore How Collaborative Tools Help You Work with Others Regardless of Time & Space

    • Collaborate with another person or develop a co-authored resource using the tool that you selected to explore in this exercise.
    • Reflect on how you have used the tool or the resource that you selected.
      • Review the available features of this tool and seek out ways that others have used this tool.
    • Add an entry to your ePortfolio reflecting on what you learned.
    • Embed or link the item that you collaborated on as an artifact in your ePortfolio.

Option 2: Meet With Someone Relating to Your Teaching, Research, or Your Profession

    • Using the tool that you selected, have a meeting with at least one other person.
      • This may be a group planning session or a meeting with a colleague.
      • Become familiar with the features available.
    • Reflect on how this tool might impact your life (e.g., school, work, etc.). What advantages does this type of virtual meeting provide?
    • Add an entry to your ePortfolio reflecting on your experience.
      • How might this tool impact your life (e.g., school, work, etc.)?
      • How could you use this tool?
      • In what ways is meeting virtually beneficial?
      • In what ways does this type of meeting hinder communication?
    • Either embed or link to a recording of your meeting in your ePortfolio.

Option 3: Create a Personalized Solution

    • Think outside the box and create an artifact that relates to the tool or resource that you selected that meets your individual needs and objectives.
    • Share and embed the artifact in your ePortfolio.
    • Add a personal reflection that addresses the learning objectives that are important to you.
    • Refer to these self-reflective questions to help you think about your learning and discoveries.
    • Embed the item that you created in your ePortfolio.

If you are enrolled in the MOOC, return to the #EmTechMOOC Coursera Discussion Forum to complete the Module you are working on.