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  • 35 Brilliant Classroom Apps - With the huge amount of classroom apps available, it's hard to know which ones to use with your students. You don't want to invest a large amount of your precious time setting one up only to find it's not what you thought it was. Fear not. Check out these reviews of 35 of the best classroom apps available.   REVIEW: The 35 BEST Educational Apps for Students   There are more great Edtech articles available on Keywords: #collection
  • AllTrails - Use the AllTrails App to record the trails you explore. It's a hiking/walking/exploring community which use the App module to connect people together and helping people record their exploring experience. In addition, there are over 50,000 trails that already exist that have photos and reviews which have been added by the community of users.   AllTrails Keywords: Mobile Apps
  • The Padagogy Wheel - A graphical representation of the interface of mobile apps with Bloom's Cognitive Domain Categories and the SAMR Model of technology integration. The Padagogy Wheel, developed by Allan Carrington of Designing Outcomes in Adelaide, Australia, is a graphical representation of the interface of mobile apps with Bloom's Cognitive Domain Categories and the SAMR Model of technology integration. Consider more fully exploring the backstory to the wheel, by visiting Carrington's blog, In Support of Excellence. To quote Carrington: The Padagogy Wheel was born out of a desire to help teachers at the coalface of teaching. I wanted a model that could be applied to everything from curriculum planning, development, writing learning objectives and designing student-centered activities. Then quickly help teachers access relevant educational technology e.g. individual iPad apps or sequences of apps, to enhance those activities. Finally to help teachers use that technology to redefine activities to include ...