Advice in Response to the Current Health Climate

The best advice for instructors and students is to use resources supported by your institution. They are secure and reliable and are supported by local instructional support specialists. Many of the systems provided by campuses are featured within EmTechWIKI. Use this WIKI to identify resources to meet your particular objectives and then access the resources through your campus website.

EmTechWIKI Essential Tools” highlight commonly used resources to move online quickly and efficiently.

EmTechWIKI provides additional suggestions to foster good practices of always having a back-up plan when dealing with technology. These resources also extend and enhance the functionality of campus-based systems.

A few examples include:

  • alternate tools to create online video lectures
    (especially useful for campuses that do not have options available);
  • instructions about how to caption videos and provide instructional materials in alternative formats;
  • information about how to find, create, and annotate visual resources;
  • identification of open educational resource collections and simulation activities / virtual labs;
  • creating infographics, mind-maps, and interactive activities;
  • resources to build information and digital literacy skills;
  • a wide variety of other technology applications.

Explore and reflect on the use of the tools and resources found in EmTechWIKI to increase your comfort level and to keep pace with the continual evolution of technology.

The EmTech team extends our compassion and support to those who are working through this critical time. We will monitor discussions within #EmTechMOOC and provide additional advice where possible to achieve EmTech’s goal to help you build lifelong learning skills.


Never use your campus password to sign up for any 3rd-party tools and always read the terms of use.